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RDAMC combines and integrates the strengths of China Huarong, Deusche Bank AG, Clearwater Capital and other international financial institutions in terms of brand, expertise, network and clients.

Chairman's Address

  As an asset management company founded on sino-foreign partnership, Huarong Rongde excels at utilizing its own strengths to provide clients with quality service. In terms of technical expertise, Huarong Rongde leveraged on foreign shareholders’ experience in financial products and capital markets and, through years of implementation, established a track record in value discovery, investment analysis, asset pricing and product structuring. Huarong Rongde has a comprehensive corporate governance structure and project risk management system. And its globally connected yet locally engaged investment team plays a key role in the current onshore-offshore structure, capturing resources and opportunities otherwise often left untapped. Together, these essential elements form the foundation for quality asset management services, ensuring capital appreciation on investments.

  Huarong Rongde’s current industry focuses include but not limited to renewable energy, healthcare services, consumer finance and real estate, with investments in debt, equity and hybrid  structures. Huarong Rongde is committed to further diversify product offerings and to provide quality service with the highest level of professionalism, as a combined endeavor with Huarong's business network and foreign shareholders’ professional expertise. Huarong Rongde welcomes more cooperation with current and prospective clients, to strengthen mutually beneficial business relationship.