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A market leader focusing on special-assets investment of China

Business Scope

Special Asset Investment mainly focuses on investment in under- valued assets, including equity, loans, property, etc., by way of a variety of vehicles such as debt, equity and mezzanine. Using debt restructuring and management restructuring, the target company's capital structure, and its value can be increased. The exit includes transfer, repurchase, IPO, M&A, etc.

RDAMC mainly focuses on investment opportunities especially in resources, new energy, advanced manufacturing and real estate; by way of mezzanine investment, fixed- income investment, and private equity, RDAMC helps good companies in such industries to expand production, complete M&A, in order for them to grow stronger and bigger rapidly.

Convertible Bond: Bond with attached warrant, or other mezzanine investment in companies to meet their restructuring, technology upgrade, production expansion, and M&A need.